Fulfilling your potential by following God's design
I hope you find here a helpful resource, a curious friend, and possibly even a new personal challenge or two. 
He said it was good. 
When God created this world that we live in, he made it full and complete and thorough. He filled it with all varieties of plants and animals, and he created an ecosystem that worked well. He said it was “good”, and it was.
Then God made Adam and Eve and charged them with caring for and cultivating the earth and everything in it, and for a short time they did that, and it was good too. Then, of course, both Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and go their own way, and all things began to break down – peace, harmony and perfection were lost, and things like disease, disaster and death came into play.

Since then, people have been continuously trying to “figure life out” – searching for answers to the ultimate question of “How do I get the most out of life?” How do I get the most time, enjoyment, fulfillment, experience, joy, etc.? I believe that the answer to this question is always God. And I believe that is proven every time we take a step back towards the direction of that first perfect world of Eden that God initially created. Every time we choose to put someone else before ourselves, to treat them well and serve them despite how we feel, we are intrinsically reminded that that is right. When we use our minds and bodies to create new things, be it art or clothing or food, (or babies) or anything at all, we are filled with life. If we care for and nurture and cultivate not only the lives of our children and families, but also the earth and our own bodies, we will start to feel more alive.

So much in our world has been tainted and changed since The Beginning. We now see a world riddled with destruction, illness and brokenness. What would happen if we started to look for ways to get the most out of life by optimizing our health, pursuing our creative interests, and seeking the Creator of all good things?

My three core interests in starting this blog are 1) To follow Jesus with all that I am, 2) to pursue a healthy lifestyle to the best of my knowledge and ability, and 3) to be creative with my time, skills and resources. I believe these ideas are very intertwined. Following Jesus means believing and obeying his Word which says that God created this world that we live in, and when he created it, He said it was good. He gave us all of this awesome, raw material to work with, and now it is up to us to use it well, intentionally and creatively.

I think that the more we seek to utilize those God-made raw materials for their intended purposes, rather than trying to change them to fit a certain mold or chemically altering them to make something new, the more we will flourish. We had everything we needed to thrive here on earth before things like technology and modern medicine were ever invented. We see glimpses of this in the Bible – anointing with oils, the wise men’s gifts of frankincense and myrrh, a day and night routine that was dictated by the sun, physically intense lifestyles… The list could certainly go on.

Fast forward a few years and we now live in a very chemically and artificially dense culture, not to mention largely sedentary and undomesticated. Rather than working with our hands and bodies, we work with our minds while remaining still. Rather than traveling by foot, we travel by car. Rather than cooking meals at home, we eat out or buy pre-made things. Rather than sleeping when the sun is down, we keep the lights on and go to sleep whenever we decide to, which usually results in not enough sleep. Rather than doing our best to stay healthy and avoid illness altogether, we rely on a myriad of different pharmaceuticals [vaccines, antibiotics, over the counter drugs, etc.] to treat illnesses when they come. Is this optimal living? Is this what God called “good”? I just don’t think so.

Certainly there will be ups and downs, good and bad any way you slice it. There was death and disease before all of the advancements of the modern age came along, and there is death and disease now with it. Some things have been eradicated through this progress, while others are more rampant than ever before. The world is broken, and only one thing can fix that. But my fear is that we are pursuing other things in an attempt to right what has been wronged, and I feel that we are fundamentally missing the mark. If we first and foremost pursue God the Father, will we not be pursuing our best? If we seek him in everything, from the way we live to the jobs we choose to the ways we parent to the things we eat and put on/in our bodies, won’t we find optimal choices.

That is my challenge to you: Take a close look at your life, at every detail of your day to day and the things that you think don’t necessarily matter, and ask yourself if God would call it good. Would he call your excessive coffee addiction good? Would he call that bag of skittles you ate good? Would he call your Netflix binge good? I’m not affirming or condemning any of these things, I’m simply pointing out that some actions would do better to be questioned than followed without thought. When was the last time you asked yourself, 

“Why am I doing what I am doing?”